NADRA NICOP Application

iSolutions Luton is proud to restart our services once again at our new office.

To book an appointment please either telephone or WhatsApp message to: 01582 599 786

You will be advised on the documents required for your particular application when you contact us.


iSolutions Luton will no longer charge an admin fee for processing your application. The fee charged by NADRA for the application will be determined by the type of application submitted;

Normal Application (approx 6 weeks for card to arrive)

Urgent Application (approx 4 weeks for card to arrive)

Executive Application (approx 2 weeks for card to arrive)

NADRA fees will be paid in USD and must be paid by your debit/credit card during the application stage. NADRA fee rates can be accessed here.

Please note the processing times are a guideline from NADRA.  Applications can be delayed during holiday periods or if further documentations are required by NADRA.


The services we supply in the application of NADRA NICOP cards for applicants is readily available for those that wish to do so themselves using the NADRA online system. Our staff are in no way associated with NADRA or employed by them. We simply offer our services to those that wish to make the application process easy for themselves.